~Why do I want to teach the Alexander Technique? ~

The reason why I want to learn AT is because of my finger injury and stage fright.

I started playing the piano when I was 3 years old, and for the past 48 years, I’ve   always been with my piano. By the time I was 7 years old, I began to study piano seriously.

However, as a result of practicing and playing in a way that did not suit my body’s natural functions, I suffered from finger problems from the age of 20. In addition, I was unable to perform as I wished on stage due to nervousness and fear, and I felt limited. I wondered if I should be teaching students while having these problems. I had doubts about whether I could teach students with such a problematic mindset.

I tried all kinds of methods to overcome my own negativity and problems. I went to doctors, acupuncture and moxibustion to get my fingers back to normal.  10 years ago, the doctors told me that the only way to get rid of it was to have surgery,.

Just before deciding to have surgery, I came across the Alexander Technique.

The results were astonishing. I discovered that one of the main reasons for the pain in my fingers when I played was that I had forgotten my whole body. Unnecessary strain was also one of the causes. I didn’t have surgery and my body without straining Using AT, I’ve educated myself.

I also realized that I had been thinking of “music” as a tool for accomplishment. “Why do I play? ”   and “Who am I playing for?” By facing these questions and confirming my thinking, I was able to enjoy “music” itself.

I began to pass on what I had gained to my students, and I began to enjoy the work of teaching.

After that, I had a strong desire to pass on what I had learned to my students. In order to learn about my own body’s natural functions and healthy thought processes for performance, I started studying for my teaching certification at ≪Body Chance ≫and ≪Self Quest Lab.≫

As a result, I no longer suffer from finger breakdowns and my own performance has changed. But more than that, my greatest joy is that I can now help students who have the same problem.

Now I feel that my life is worth living when my students themselves express their surprise and joy at performance. I hope to continue to bring joy to those who are stuck with problems like mine through music.                                  

 February 10, 2022 Rei Yamamoto